Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Tuesday Entertainment Roundup

Let me start off this week by saying that I just read that Patrick Swayze passed away today. I don't know this news saddens me so much, but it does. Maybe it's because his movie "Dirty Dancing" had such a strong impact on my early teen years. Maybe it's because he just seemed like a regular guy who fell into a movie star role. Whatever the case, I hate that he's gone now, especially considering the disease that robbed him of a long life. RIP Johnny Castle. You'll be missed.

Well gang, it was a lean week. Between being sick, being without power for half a day, & having LOTS of work to do, there wasn't much time for anything else. Hubby & I managed to see 1 movie last night and here's my assessment.

Yes Man - Ok, let me begin by saying that I'm not a Jim Carrey fan. I think he tries way too hard to be funny. And this movie was no exception. The redeeming qualities of this flick include an adorable performance by Zooey Deschanel and a decent amount of screen time from the delicious Bradley Cooper. Past that, this one just didn't do that much for me.

Now, here's where you all can help me with some upcoming entertainment choices. I'm thinking of checking out something in theaters at some point this week. Which one would be your choice?

All About Steve

Julie & Julia

The September Issue (this one I would actually have to travel to Atlanta to see because the hick town movie theaters here rarely ever show scarcely heard of independent films. Sigh.)

I did manage to make progress on one of the books that I've been reading for, ahem, 6 weeks. Sad thing is that I'm a fast reader. That should tell you how hard it is to get a couple of hours of uninterrupted quiet time around here! I'm REALLY hoping to finish at least 1 of the books this week. Until next Tuesday...


brainella said...

I was so sad when I learn that Patrick Swayze passed away last night that I stuck Dirty Dancing in the DVD player. I feel the same way. I saw that movie IN the theatre in the fall of 1987, my senior year of high school. *sigh* I have distinct memories linked to that film.

PS -- I'd see Julie & Julia. :)

Kat said...

I was so sad to hear about Patrick Swayze, too. We have a guy at church with pancreatic cancer, too - it is so devastating.

For the movie - go see Julie and Julia. It's really good. I have heard horrid things about the Steve movie...

Heather said...

I felt the exact same way! I think you're right; Dirty Dancing came out when I was 13 years old, and I probably saw it a hundred times a year once it came out on video. I wanted to BE "Baby" (didn't we all?). The fact that he and his wife were still so in love, and that they weren't ever able to have babies and now she's all alone...it's just so sad.

Losing all these icons of our teen years (Michael, Farrah, now Patrick) brings death way too close to home and makes me feel so old...

Hope you have a better week next week!

CaraBee said...

I felt the same way about Yes Man. I'm just kinda over Jim Carrey.

And so sad about Patrick Swayze. An icon is gone. Truly.

Connordog said...

I was very sad about Patrick Swayze. Not only was he an underrated actor, but a good man and a great horseman.

I popped Dirty Dancing in last night and watched it with Reilly.

Go see Julie and Julia.


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