Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Cupcakes and Flowers and Travel, Oh My!



I love Stargazer Lilies. And white roses.

This is the simple arrangement that's on my kitchen table now. I'm forced to buy flowers for myself since hubby refuses. He used to bring me flowers all the time when we were dating. And then it stopped. He says it's because I expect them. Whatever.

It seems like everyone I know is either at Disney World or going there sometime this year. I'm insanely jealous. I'm officially in high gear, figuring out which organ to sell, so we can go too. If only I could've gotten some change for that bum gallbladder I got rid of a couple of years ago.

I must have been bitten by some kind of travel bug last week because, while at the post office, I picked up a passport application. And actually filled it out. Were it not going to cost me $135, I might actually turn the form in. I just can't justify getting a passport when I have no foreign plans booked. Only serious dreaming.

This week is Spring Break for my kids. So far, I'm really enjoying having them home. I suspect that tide to turn tomorrow when I introduce them to the fun game of "let's clean up your filthy rooms". I'm actually more than a little afraid of what I might find in there. And somewhere, my mother is laughing because I got not 1 but 2 kids who are "just like me".

Speaking of kids, I've had baby fever here lately for some obscure reason. Hurry, someone pass me a newborn quick, so I can get this out of my system already!

Since I'm obsessed with cupcakes, I've been watching that show DC Cupcakes on TLC. I'm seriously stunned to see the line down the block when they show the occasional exterior shot of the store in Georgetown. My brother assures me that it's no joke. He's driven by the store and people literally line up to get these cupcakes. Those cupcakes would have to be AMAZING for me to stand in line. I think I'll go get a delicious cupcake tomorrow at my local bakery, where I don't have to stand in line.

What kind of random do you want to throw in this week? And check out more randomness at The Un Mom.


Julianna said...


Damn. Now I lost my train of thought.

Oh. Travel... we're also toying with disney again... but in like two years when youngest is able to ride all the rides.

And I too got passports for myself and the kids when we had no plans to leave the country. Because I'm impulsive like that and one day will just wake up, get in the car, and drive to Canada... I just know it.

brainella said...

Stargazer lilies are so gorgeous. I gave my mom a bag of 25 bulbs for Mother's day about 10 years ago. Her side yard is amazing for about a month every year. :) I can't grow anything!

Get the passport. If you get it, the travel will come. :)

I've never been to Disney. Ever.

Brandy@YDK said...

now i really want a cupcake. i've never been to disney. one day i hope to take G and i've never had a reason for a passport. I'd love to have more money to spend on traveling.

Heather said...

Somebody get Julia and Brandy to Disney, NOW!

I love lilies, but yellow day lilies are my fave.

No baby fever here, but that IS how we got Gabe. Watch out!

Cupcakes are fun! However, I would not wait in line for one, either.

Kristine said...

I got my passport without any travel plans in mind. Little did I know I'd be going to Cuba on April 10th!!
Get the passport!

Shannon said...

Mmmmmm, cupcakes.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

We're not going to Disney - well... the girls will probably go to DisneyLand with grandma & Grandpa this summer, but that's about it.

The rest of my response to this post I shall post on my own blog.

Anonymous said...

It seems like everyone I know is talking about cupcakes today; so cruel! :) Happy RTT.

VandyJ said...

My hubby and my oldest son could leave the country tomorrow if they wanted to. Me and my youngest would be stuck here. I'm going to have to get a passport one of these days.
We are going back to Disney World in about three years--youngest will be old enough to ride the rides and remember the experience.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Stargazers are pretty! I have to buy my own flowers if I want them, too - not because hubby thinks I expect them, but because he is referred to as the Absent Minded Professor for a reason. ;)

I keep telling the hubby we need to plan some sort of international trip before our passports need to be renewed in 2012. I don't think he's buying it.

Now I'm hungry for a cupcake.

Wii Bowling and Champagne Making - RTT

Keely said...

Hubby doesn't buy me flowers either, because he thinks he'll get the "wrong ones". sure.

Cerise said...

I need to update my passport...but agree that the price always stops me...as I don't have any plans. BUT it does take forever to get one, so maybe by the time I get one I'll have plans?
Pity you don't live closer, you could borrow my 6 month old. I would even throw in the 2 year old for free. :o)


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