Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Wild Blue Yonder

I'm on the road this weekend.
I love to travel. Flying especially.
I'm not sure why flying in a plane is such a rush for me, but it definitely is.
I love the hustle & bustle of meandering through the airports. Seeing other travelers and wondering where they are going.
I love the taxi down the runway as we pick up speed and reach towards the skies.
I love the time sitting and getting lost in a book while clouds rush by.
Do you enjoy flying? If you could hop a plane to anywhere today, where would you go?


Shannon said...

No, I do not like to fly.

The cramped seats, the cabin pressure, turbulence. UGH. No thank you.

Sure, it's convenient... but I'd rather drive 8 hours than be in a plane for 2!

So how I'll ever get across the pond is beyond me...

Julianna said...

Love to fly. Anywhere. Right now, I'd like to fly to Austrailia. It's summer there. :)

Course I'd have to shovel all the run ways of Logan airport to go...

But a girl can dream. :)

Found you through RTT.. Welcome! Feel free to follow me and we can be random together on a not so random day!


rach said...

I am the same as you- I love the anomity of it all as well ( i think i misspelled there!) If i culd hop on a plane I would head either home to the states or somewhere WARM!!


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