Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hawaii Five-Oh My!

It's been a while since we've had any celebrity eye candy in the house.
Hubby & I have recently started watching the new version of Hawaii Five-O. Actually, hubby has started watching the show. I've been watching Alex O'Loughlin.
Why HELLO there!

That Hawaii really does have some great scenery.


Shannon said...


's all I'm saying.

Shannon said...

Ok, that's not all I'm going to say.

I watch Alex... I mean, the show... too.

Alex is yummy. And surprisingly, so is Scott Caan. I tend to like the tall, dark, and brooding types... not the stocky, muscular ones. (Which is odd, since my husband is the latter...) I don't know if it's his humor, or the bantering between the two characters, but something about Scott is VEDY SEXY.

Heather said...

I was watching Vampire Diaries with Isabel the other night, and Stephan is mucho hotto, with abs like a steel drum.

Why is Hollywood doing this to us?

So NOT reality. But so fun to dream...

brainella said...

My husband and I watch 5-0 together too. Oh yeah. Whenever the them song comes in, I sing. Whenever McGarrett comes on, I smile. :) He's hot. And the dialog between him and Scott Caan is awesome. Scott Caan was like that with Casey Affleck in the Ocean's Eleven, etc. movies too. Too fun.

Finding Normal said...

Hi Angie. I will tell you what I told Shannon at her Nuthouse...I have begun to stalk you since I hear we may meet soon via Hot Tub Lizzy. I have seen you before, but now you are on my reader. Looking forward to meeting you. Feel free to stalk's only fair. ;)

Angela said...

Now that's almost enough to melt the snow and ice outside! Yum!


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