Monday, April 2, 2012

101 Things in 1,001 Days: Update 9

In April 2010, I came up with a list of 101 things that I want to accomplish in 1,001 days. I’m trying really hard to knock out some things on this list since I only have until the end of this year to wrap it up. My most recent updates are in BLUE.

12. Read 100 books - In January, I read “Room”. In March, I read “The Hunger Games” & “Catching Fire”. (2012 book count - 3; Overall book count - 21)

14. Read all of the Harry Potter books - I have finished books 1 through 4 and am currently reading book 5.

23. Finish the cross stitch piece I started for my wedding - I finished it!!! February 2012

24. Enroll in a pottery class - My high school alma mater started offering fun classes for alums and I signed up to take pottery classes every Thursday in April 2012!

49. Eat 5 things that I've never tried before - I tried guacamole in October of 2010. I tried zucchini for the first time in August 2011 and it was ok. I tried asparagus in February of 2012 and I liken it to eating weeds. Bleh.

79. Get the interview with my grandparents converted to DVD - I finally did this and picked up the DVD’s in January 2012! This means a lot to me because this is the only video that my family has of my grandparents. My grandfather passed away more than a decade ago and I’m glad that I now have something to show my girls what a great person he was.

95. Buy myself a Dooney & Bourke or Coach purse - To reward myself for surviving Week 1 of this new diet, I bought myself a Coach purse that I’ve had my eye on for 2 years!

So, I've completed 41 of 101 tasks in 24 months and made progress on another 3 tasks. I’m 41% complete with the rest of this year to make some serious headway. This year is off to a great start!

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Cerise said...

I really want to start a list like this. It's such a wonderful idea. Congrats on finishing your cross stitch!!


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